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What do we buy?

Welcome to! is your gold purchasing company, right across UK. We buy gold rings, gold chains, dental gold, silver cutlery, coins, bars and old or scrap gold for fair prices.

Simple sales transaction
Using the Gold Pack sales kit, the transaction is quick and easy.
Sell via the post with full insurance up to 3,000 pounds.
Discretion and the certainty of knowing you’ve got a fair price.
Quick payment
Very quick and reliable payment: Bank transfer, Cash or PayPal. has optimised selling gold, silver, platinum and palladium making it simple for you to do. Royalgoldbuyers is the specialist company for buying gold throughout Britain. Our company counts among the larger and important companies buying gold in the UK and besides offering very high purchase prices, it also provides innumerable, free services.

Reliable gold buyers: take a look on our customer review videos

We buy across Great Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our customers are no longer dependent on local jewellers and gold purchasing companies thanks to our fully postal gold purchasing system. In many cases our customers can receive more money by selling through our gold purchasing platform. Start selling now and order a free Gold Pack.

Very high purchase prices pays proper purchase prices for your old valuables. Because we don’t spend money on expensive radio and TV advertising and don't operate expensive business premises in prime locations, our purchase prices are often significantly higher than local gold purchasing companies. Your valuables are examined at our analysis centre and promptly evaluated.

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High international standard stands for service, quality and customer friendliness – not just across UK but also as a gold purchasing company in Germany. We will also start our gold buyers service in the US soon.

You can also give your gold to us directly in London

All customers from London or Greater London are welcome to use our London gold buyers service and bring their gold, silver or platinum directly to our office. We are centrally located near London Euston tube station:

More than just cash for your gold and jewellery in the UK offers more than just money for old gold and silver. We consider ourselves an information portal on the subject of selling and buying precious metals. As well as the informative Royalgoldbuyers blog we also offer a lot of useful information and a number of services: in addition to the gold calculator to find the value of gold and silver there are also graphs and actual raw material price trends.

Sell your gold online with and be sure that you get a fair rate for your unwanted jewellery all over UK. There are so many gold buyers in the UK offering poor prices for your valuables that you must be careful when selling. Don't trust the companies seen so often on TV because sometimes they are offering just a fraction of the true value of your items.